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Originally established in 2008 to bring cutting edge vocal training to singers and speakers in Portland, Oregon, Waking Voice is where Daniel Weiskopf (bio below) has raised the bar with hundreds of voices in Portland, as well as around the world via Skype.  The voice is not as elusive as most instructors make it, nor is it reserved for some mythically gifted subpopulation that are “born with it.”  Everyone is LITERALLY born with a voice ready to sing.  Daniel has a talent for breaking down vocal concepts into practical cause-and-effect relationships people can discover, explore, and master.  Through scientifically proven exercises, any voice can be taken from “zero to hero.”  Singing is not a talent, it is a learned muscular coordination.

This is what Waking Voice is about; discovery.  Discovering the unknown potential of our vocal biology is how the voice starts to wake up, whether you sing professionally or feel you can’t carry a tune.  The path to vocal mastery is about vocal knowledge and one’s relationship with their voice, which is often distorted by beliefs, emotions, and a lack of informed mechanical practice.  Many people also carry voice lesson trauma from previously working with uninformed, insensitive, or sham voice teachers.

The Waking Voice Experience

Waking Voice is centered in Universal Vocal Technique, a knowledgable practice in voice as nature designed it.  Learning the biological laws and sensations of natural vocal production will advance any style or goal.  First, you will sing a scale that helps diagnose what your vocal habits are–we all have habits.  Then, through carefully ordered vocal exercises you begin coordinating your vocal muscles in the most efficient way possible (this is universal because we all have the same muscles with the same physical laws).

While healthy vocal technique is universal, the process getting there is not. Every singer is coming at optimal vocal coordination from different angles, therefore you will receive custom tailored exercises each lesson to your voice’s unique needs.  Over time, you uncover and begin to achieve that universal vocal balance.  As this balance starts to gel, you have expanded range (2.5-3+ octaves), lose all breaks/flips in the voice, and develop power, vocal health, and confidence. You will uncover the most effortless, enjoyable sound unique to your voice!

Usually after you have had a lesson or two, we begin applying the things you are learning to songs you are interested in singing.  We only “drill” songs that students are preparing to perform or record.  Speaking of recording, your lessons are recorded as an MP3 and emailed to you so you don’t have to take notes, and can practice any time!

You can take your vocal development as far as you want.  While there will be clear improvement in a couple lessons, typically, there is a 6 month period for the things you are working on to gel into muscle memory, bringing you to the next stage of your vocal development.  However, since vocal balance can be endlessly refined, you could stop when you get to “okay,” “good,’ “great,” or keep going. The length of study is unique to your pace of learning, how often you practice, and how far you want to take it.  Some people come in with deeply ingrained vocal habits that will take time to undo, and some are already doing things mostly right.

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  • Too many vocalists use less than one-third of their range and ability, because of the false prevailing belief that singing is a talent not a skill..
  • Every voice–singer or speaker–is equipped to have up to 3+ usable octaves with *no* flips, cracks, or breaks!
  • Vocal training is not just for singers. Public speakers and actors should be training their full vocal range as much as singers do.  It is simply a matter of vocal health.  Singing is nothing more than sustained speech; if you speak you are a singer, and if you sing you are a speaker.

Lesson Rates:

  • 30 minutes ~ $40.00 USD  [Skype]*
  • 45 minutes ~ $55.00 USD  [In-Person, or Skype]*
  • 60 minutes ~ $70.00 USD  [In-person, or Skype]*
  • 90 minutes ~ $100.00 USD  [In-person, or Skype]*

Group workshops available upon request

*Any Cancellation must take place 48 hours before scheduled appointment to not be charged in full.  Please be mindful of your availability and state of health!

Meet Daniel


Instructor’s Biography:

Daniel’s path to vocal awakening was arduous. After more than a decade of navigating the conventional paths of “classical” vocal training and numerous choirs leading up to and through college, Daniel left McGill University’s Marvin Duchow School of Music hating his own voice.  Conventional lessons had made his relationship with his voice deteriorate.  Thinking perhaps the problem was that his voice was too “proper” for most styles, he tried bad habits like forcing unnatural colors, but that just led to damage and more limitations.  What he did not like about his voice was the over-compressed sound quality that comes from “conventional training” which over-emphasizes the diaphragm in singing.

After many years of frustration, Daniel discovered there was another approach to vocal training that all his favorite vocalists used, from Michael Jackson, to Stevie Wonder, and found it was everything he had ever dreamed a voice lesson could be; instant and REAL results!  Cause and Effect vocal training exists, and one does not have to wait months or years for improvement, but rather a handful of lessons.  Conventional modes of vocal training aren’t “proper” they are just plain misinformed.  Science backed vocal knowledge is surprisingly uncommon in the field of singing.  Daniel’s own voice became everything he always knew it could be, but could not figure out on his own.  Daniel became certified to teach this technique and share its gift, training in the same rooms that M.J., Stevie, Bette Midler, Aretha Franklin, and many others had trained in with the same teacher.  Bridgetown Vocal was born.

Several years later, Daniel wanted to discover more and went on a hiatus to explore his own voice more deeply.  He started focusing on the more emotional, and energetic aspects of the voice as well as the production of atypical vocal sounds used in various cultures (sometimes called “throat singing”).  He has taken the knowledge from his former network of science based voice teachers and boiled it down even further to produce accelerated vocal advancement in his students.  He is very empathetic towards the psychological wounds we carry, specifically surrounding our voices, and firmly believes (and proves) that ANYONE can sing well.  He fluidly develops voices that felt they were “tone-deaf,” as well as guides seasoned or professional vocalists to the next level.  He wants true vocal knowledge to be taught to the general population, because everyone deserves a real relationship with their voice.  Not everyone needs to be a performing singer, but everyone is vocalist by birth who should learn to use their instrument!

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9 7 1 . 6 4 5 . 7 4 5 8


Daniel teaches voice lessons in person in the greater Portland/Vancouver region (Oregon/Washington), at your home which he travels to in a ZERO-emissions, all-electric vehicle.  Otherwise, he teaches lessons over Skype.  Who knew voice lessons could be more environmentally friendly?  Leave it to a Portland resident to find a way!




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    1. Hi Britta, I sent an email to your Yahoo email listed in association with this comment with the subject line “my email” on the 8th. Thanks


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